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    How Do I Start Roof Cleaning Roofing Tips

    In general, the roof will keep its appearance clean due to precipitation, but, nevertheless, it is recommended to be cleaned in depth, once a year, in order to remove any deposits of leaves, dirt or other impurities that build up in time. Also, the drainage system (which is part of the roof!) requires special attention. If gutters and downspouts are clogged with debris, corrosion and water infiltration may occur, causing other problems in turn.

    There are roofing materials that require only this minimal annual maintenance (e.g. metal), while others require a little more effort. Ceramic tiles, for example, are prone to be affected by vegetation growth. Algae spores are airborne and spread from roof to roof, feeding on crushed lime particles from tiles. This inevitably leads to their weakening and deterioration. In addition, roof vegetation retains moisture longer, which can create an environment for mold and bacteria that can spread on the walls of the building or on the interior structure of the roof.

    The surface of such a roof prone to vegetation growth must be cleaned periodically, with the help of special substances that destroy algae and moss without affecting the cover materials or the vegetation around the house. Chemicals should be avoided or, in the worst case, left only in the hands of CCR Roofing specialists who know the appropriate dosages and the necessary protective measures.