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    When your roof needs some major repairs or must be replaced, you will have to do your best to get your insurance company pay for it a fair amount of money – after all, this is why you have insurance, right?

    However, before submitting your home insurance claim, there are a few things to do, which will maximize your chances to get the right amount of compensation.

    First, you must know your insurance coverage. Look for your policy and read it again, especially if you have never paid too much attention to it. Repair coverage and replacement coverage are often two different things, one paying only a certain percentage of repair costs, while the other providing for the entire roof replacement. Besides, not all roof damage is covered by a regular homeowner’s insurance policy.

    This is why it is important to know your policy and to document the damage as best as you can.  Before contacting your insurance company, you should hire a professional roofer to inspect the roof for you and provide a written report. Coming from an expert roofers in San Antonio, this report will support your claim and nobody can contest the damage if the professionals identified it.