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    How Does Cleaning Your Roof Regularly Keep It from Being Damaged? -


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    Regular roof cleaning can help to keep your roof in good working order much longer than you’re used to. Even when you have an older roof or one that is somewhat more broken down and ragged because of constant rainfall and storms, simply cleaning it on a regular basis can increase its lifespan, prevent costly repairs and make regular roof maintenance much easier than before.

    Roof cleaning works in many ways towards these goals:

    1. It prevents mold and mildew from forming and causing severe damage to your roof.

    2. If your roof is clean, it will discourage pests from showing up, including insects and larger pests like birds and squirrels.

    3. It discourages the build-up of debris such as leaves and other unwanted elements in your gutter system. The result is that water will flow easily and you won’t have to install a costly set of gutter guards or hire someone to clean your gutters regularly.

    4. Cleaning your roof regularly will help you spot any problems such as leaks or damaged shingles.

    5. Finally, a clean roof can also prevent ice dams from forming.

    Don’t underestimate the value and the numerous benefits of cleaning your roof. Experts at CCR Roofing in San Antonio will encourage you to not only take part actively in the process, but also do it as frequently as you perform your roof inspections and bi-annual maintenance.

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