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    Hailstones roofing inspection right after storm

    When it comes to hail storms, people tend to worry most about their cars, because they are more vulnerable to damage. However, when hail hits, it can also cause more or less damage to roofs and other personal properties.

    In some cases, hail can be quite destructive to a roof, but the damage varies greatly, because there are factors affecting its type and degree.

    The size and density of the hail stones

    These may range from the size of a pea to the size of a softball. However, regardless their size, hail stones can do severe damage if they are dense enough.


    Wind direction and speed can also greatly contribute to the damage caused by a hail storm, by increasing or decreasing the severity of the impact.

    Natural or artificial barriers

    Some neighboring structures or tree covers can reduce the hail damage, if you are lucky.

    Hail damage looks different depending on the materials the roof is made of. You may notice dings in metal roofs and gutters, splits in wood shakes, black impact marks with no discernible pattern in asphalt shingles, cracks and dents in ceramic tiles etc. A professional roofer will know how to spot the damage and also make sure it is not mistaken for other types of damage. This is why you should schedule a professional inspection with after a hailstorm, to make sure everything is ok, or to make necessary repairs before those seemingly minor hail damages turn into a costly roof problem.