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    The roof of your house is the number one victim of severe heat during the summer. Every day it receives the full brunt of the sun rays and sweltering heat. In time, this can lead to damages – at first barely visible, but increasingly serious, until your entire roof is compromised.

    Three Ways in Which Severe Heat Affects Roofs

    1. UV Rays Damage

    The heat itself is not the only enemy a roof has to face, but UV rays from the sun. The bad news is that UV rays will penetrate even clouds, so there is no reprieve from them. In time, these dangerous rays will dry out the oils and various other mineral compounds of roofing materials. Wooden shingles will become bleached and brittle, while slate roofs will crack as a result of prolonged exposure to UV rays.

    2. Thermal Shock

    Very hot days are usually followed by cool nights. Within hours, your roof will heat up and then cool down. This means that the material it is made of will expand at first and then contract. Metal roofs are most susceptible to damage caused by thermal shock, because this material has a high degree of expansion/ contraction due to temperature variation. In time, cracks and empty spaces will appear between the metal elements of the roof, which must be repaired.

    3. Heat and Humidity – a Match Made in Hell

    Summer rains are not as good for your roof as you may think. If your house does not have proper ventilation in the attic, the increased humidity in the air together with the high temperature of the roof will create condensation and mildew problems. This is a quiet enemy, working from within and causing damage to the roof outside and the walls of the house inside. Find roofing requirements and information at

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