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    How Does the Weather Affect the Lifespan of Roofs in Austin? -


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    When it comes to roofing, Austin experts will recommend that you consider some of the more resilient types of roofing products that you can buy. The area features frequent storms, and it’s not uncommon for roofing professionals to have a lot to do in the spring and autumn. But how does Austin’s sometimes volatile weather actually affect the lifespan of the roofs here? Are they going to require more frequent replacement work?


    The lifespan of a roof is typically given by the material that was used to put it together. A basic asphalt shingle roof will not last much longer than 20 years even with the best flashing and additional roofing materials adding to its robustness. On the other hand, a metal or slate roof will last a lot longer than that, even if they don’t have the best weatherproof protection.


    The best Austin roofing companies, like CCR Roofing of Austin, know all about the impact the weather can have, and they design their products accordingly. The weather in Austin might feature a lot of wind and precipitation, but the reinforced roofing systems provided by CCR Roofing will ensure that your roof is able to withstand even the strongest winds, and that it won’t contain many materials that would be damaged by extensive rain over time.