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    It was just a few years ago that we first saw these small, strange-looking flying machines called drones that were used to record events from above. Today, drones are used not only for creating entertainment-related video footages – their scope of application nowadays ranges from advertising to security and from agriculture to building projects. Drones have transformed the roofing industry as well – here are some of the most common uses of drones in the field of roofing:

    – Measurements and the accurate assessment of roofing conditions –in the past, complete teams were required to assess the condition of the old roof and to make measurements for the material calculations. Drones can replace entire assessment teams today – the machines are flown over the roof to be evaluated and the images and the videos captured provide accurate information about the size and the condition of the roof to be repaired or replaced;

    – Damage assessment – drones have made roofing work much safer. In the past, the assessment of roofing damage was done by roofers who actually had to step on damaged roofing without knowing whether the roof could hold up their weight, now the trained roofers San Antonio offers can use the drones for an estimate. The high-quality images taken by drones provide accurate information about the damage sustained by the roof without endangering human lives;

    – Accurate estimates – drone technology allows roofing companies to put together perfectly accurate cost estimates for the repair or installation work they are bidding on.

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