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    If the leak on your roof seems to come back incessantly and the final diagnosis says that the roof is beyond repair, you are surely worried not only about the costs, but about the duration of the disruption caused by the replacement work as well. While the replacement costs can be high, indeed, the replacement process is not that lengthy – here are some factors that influence the duration:

    – The preparation phase – some materials need the old roof to be ripped off, while others, such as metal, can be easily installed on top of the old roof, provided that the new roof is only the second layer and that the building is able to hold up the weight. Those experienced in roofing Austin Texas homes will know what’s required. Roof replacement done with a material that does not require the removal of the old layer takes much shorter than the installation of a material that requires the removal;

    – The size of the roof – the larger the roof, the longer the replacement process will take;

    – Complexity – the more features your roof has, the lengthier the replacement will be. Skylights, a large number of chimneys and special components will all take time to install and they will all prolong the disruption that you will have to endure.