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    Did you know most roofs are only meant to last from 15 to 20 years? There are many varieties of materials that can certainly add longevity to a roof but maintenance is key. Damage from wear and weather can affect your entire home if left unheeded. Here we explain a few typical roofing materials and how they stack up.

    An Asphalt roof is among the most common roofing materials around. It has many benefits and is typically less expensive when compared to slate or metal options. Depending on the grade of asphalt, you can expect about 15 years from an asphalt roof. Keeping a close eye on it can prevent unexpected repairs in the long run.

    A metal roof has many advantages and can typically last as long as 40 years. Metal has a durability that is second to none. You can count on it to hold up to any kind of element, including wind gusts of up to 140 MPH. Metal can be both beautiful and durable with styles to match any home or neighborhood

    Regardless of materials used on your roof, sometimes storms can cause undue stress and damages. In many cases, an untrained eye can’t spot the damages left behind by a storm.

    Regular inspections of your roof can help prevent other issues down the road. Signs of wear can begin with missing or cracked shingles. Granules from asphalt can also be a sign of wear especially if you notice these right after a heavy storm.

    Your roof is an investment worth maintaining. By using top quality materials and having it installed by professionals, your roof can last you for years to come.

    We know that you depend on your roof to protect your home and everything within it. Call us today to request your free on-site consultation and estimate!

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