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    How Much Damage Can San Antonio Hail Storms Cause to Your Roof? -


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    how much metal roofing handles storm

    If you just moved to San Antonio, you probably don’t know the full extent of just how dangerous the hail storms in this area can be. Hail is one of the major causes of roof damage in the country, and San Antonio has some of the most vicious hail storms you can find.


    Large pieces of hail can fall at times causing a lot of damage due to their speed and momentum. Since hail is essentially ice, it can be pretty hard as it impacts your roof. Depending on the slope of the roof and the angle at which the hail hits it, a more or less direct impact can happen that will dent or chip the roofing element it hits.


    Now, if your roof is made of thick metal, concrete or slate, it likely won’t suffer that much damage. But wood shakes and asphalt shingles are more brittle and vulnerable. The same can also be said for certain flat roofing products and lower quality flashing responsible for keeping water out of most sloped roofs.  It’s easy enough to find an expert in metal roofing San Antonio area and is recommended to install a metal roof to weather the storms.


    As a roof isn’t properly evaluated and inspected from time to time, it can develop damage that gradually causes larger holes and gaps through which rainwater flows. As time goes by, the water can enter the interior structure, causing further damage, as well as rot, mold and mildew to form.