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    How Weather Affects San Antonio Homes Roofing

    San Antonio has humid, very hot and oppressive summers, while winters are cool but short, and the sky is partly cloudy all along the year. The city is not located on the “tornado alley”, but it is just outside it, which means that such phenomena occur occasionally, mostly in April-June.

    If you live in San Antonio, this type of weather will definitely take its toll on your roof, so it is best to be preventive and install the best type of the roof you can get when roofing San Antonio homes. The most common roofing materials seen around the city are also the best suited for the local weather. These include:

    Asphalt shingles

    Average asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing, not just in San Antonio, but all over the country. They have a short lifespan, compared with other roofing materials (15-20 years), but they are the most affordable and also provide a fair price-quality ratio. They have the capability to withstand a wide variety of weather phenomena and go with most home styles.

    If you want a better lifespan from your asphalt roof, you should choose premium dimensional asphalt shingles, or GAF shingles. You will pay more, but your roof will last for several decades.

    Metal roofing, tile roofing

    If you are not on a budget and prefer a roofing material different from the common asphalt shingles, you can opt for metal roofing or ceramic / concrete tiles. Both options are very durable (metal – 50 years, tiles – 80 years) and can fit any home layout in San Antonio, providing some of the best protection and many additional benefits.