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    Roofing projects can cause a lot of stress to everyone involved and can be fraught with conflicts between the building owner and the Austin roofing contractor or the members of the roofing team. However, maintaining a good relationship with your roofer is very important for the success of your project – here are a few tips about how to handle difficult situations:

    Maintain a respectful tone, no matter what – any conflict can be calmed down if at least one of the parties involved keeps calm, so try to be that party;

    Stay objective – whatever the conflict is about, it is a good idea to ask questions first to shed light on what has led to the conflict and to formulate criticism only when you are sure that the situation is the roofer’s fault;

    Always be clear about what you want and try to document every change – many roofing projects derail because of misunderstandings. Always make sure that you express your demands clearly and whenever a change in plans is necessary, make sure to put your new requirements on paper or send an email to your contractor to provide everyone a written document that can be consulted in case of doubt.