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    The roof on your home is important not only as the topmost layer of protection between the interior of the house and the elements, but also as a design element that can make or break the good looks of your house. When choosing your shingles, you should pay attention not only to practical factors, such as thickness, weight or warranty, but to the shape, the texture and the color as well – here are a few tips about how you can get the perfect hue:

    – Think about the climate – the color of the roof affects the temperature inside the house, so if your home is in a hot climate region, choose light-colored shingles, but choose a darker hue if you live in a cold area.

    – Coordinate the color of the roof with the colors chosen for the other décor elements on the house, such as the stuccos, the siding, the doors and the windows – for blue or gray walls choose gray shingles, tan-colored walls go well with brown and bright-colored walls look gray with a toned-down roof, such as gray or brown.

    – Bold color combinations – daring homeowners can choose to use shingles of various tones of the same color.

    – Colors you cannot go wrong with – neutral colors, such as tan, cream, black, terracotta or gray go with almost any wall color, so they are safe to use on any home.

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