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    Roof leaks can be tricky – in some cases they appear suddenly, without any prior notice, then they just go away without a trace or they leave no trace in the attic and the roof above seems perfectly intact. However, water needs a crack in the roof to seep through and cracks, even the thinnest ones, can be detected – here is how:

    – Inspect the attic – go up there shortly after a rain and check for water stains or wet spots above the room where the ceiling is wet, but be very careful when you step on the attic floor, especially if the leak left a large wet patch.

    – Follow the path of the water up to the highest point on the roof decking and mark the point to find it later.

    – Wait until the roof dries, then go up on it and check the spot above your markings – the leak is most probably located in that area.

    – Continue checking higher up on the roof – the spot you have found might not be the only crack and water can run downward behind the roofing cover.

    – Replace the culprits – fortunately, the damaged shingles or the cracked or chipped tiles that have caused the leak can be easily removed and replaced, especially if you call in the help of a seasoned roof repair San Antonio contractor.

    Source: Live Site