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    Considering the huge number of roofing companies you can find with a simple Google search, it is very important to determine whether a company is legit, because there are many scams out there and you should stay away from them.

    Verify the Company’s Certifications

    The best roofing companies are always licensed and certified and they will be happy to show these documents to you. Never go further with a so-called company that cannot prove its training and certifications.

    Ask about Insurance

    Insurance is essential, therefore all reputable contractors has what is necessary to ensure protection from liability as well as workers’ comp. The presence of adequate insurance is a proof that the company is legit, as insurers prefer not taking risks on roofers with a bad record.

    Look for local roofers

    If you opt for a local roofer, you have better chances to find a legit company. Local roofers are part of their communities and have an reputation to protect, so they are generally the most reliable in roofing Austin homes.

    Look for red flags

    Red flags may include being asked for a payment in full up front, or being offered an incomplete contract (if any!), which does not itemize fees or spells the nature of the project costs.