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    How to Find the Best Roofing Colors to Compliment Your Home Exterior -


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    There are a lot of possible reasons why you might want to get a new roof. In some cases, it’s because the existing roof is damaged beyond repair. In others, it’s because you just moved to a new area, and you want to fortify your home before having your family move in. However, fashion and aesthetics also represent good reasons to apply new colors.

    Curb appeal is not only a luxury that you consider when you want to impress your neighbors. The appearance of your home’s exterior is also a strong personal statement and a quality of your home that could carry a lot of weight, if you decide to sell it. While your exterior panels, paint or siding might look pretty good already, the old roof has to go. And there are plenty of new colors you can consider, especially if you opt for a metal or slate roof.

    Experts consider the best choices to depend on a number of details. If your roof has a pronounced slope, a color that feels more imposing and draws the visitor’s attention upwards will be the ideal choice.

    It’s also a good idea to find a roof design that compliments the color and texture of your shutters, windows and doors. Finally, make sure you look around your neighborhood to see if your home stands out too much or if the new color you chose adapts well to the roofing systems of your neighbors.

    Keep in mind that darker colors absorb heat while lighter ones reflect it. Depending on where you live, these details will also be important in the selection process. For product selection, see

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