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    Discovering that the roof of your home has had some damage can be very stressful. A roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and when its integrity is compromised, it can start a chain reaction of damages to your property. This inevitably affects the rest of the house and the safety of your family.

    It’s incredibly important to have a trustworthy and professional roofing company like CCR-roofing in Austin help you deal with your roof, as you don’t want to neglect the essential part of your home.

    Often times, if your home has suffered damage to the roof, you have no choice but to repair it. Leaving it be is simply not an option. Roofing is considered to be among the largest and most expensive projects a homeowner can undertake.

    What Are the Types of Roof Damage?

    Structural Damage. This happens when the supports start shifting or collapse, which results in your roof buckling or tilting.

    Roofing Materials Wear. Over-time wear and tear are inevitable. If you can spot rust, moss, or visibly aged shingles, it might be time for an inspection.

    Fallen Tree. A fallen tree can cause serious damage to your home’s structure.

    Debris. In a storm aftermath, you might find debris on your roof, including garbage and tree branches. Those objects can damage the shingles and should be cleared out.

    Standing Water. If the gutters are clogged or water tends to stay on your roof after rainstorms, this can lead moisture to get through the underlayment or your roof deck, causing rust and rot. Whether you need an emergency roof repair or a full replacement, you want to hire the best professional roofing contractor you can find. An experienced roofer will guide you through the insurance claims process and ensure that your home is restored and safe.

    Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Austin TX

    Where Should I Begin If I Need Professional Roof Services?

    Before you start looking for a roof contractor, try to determine the type of service that your roof needs. Does it require repair or replacement? Is there a leak, or maybe some shingles have blown off? Or maybe a panel on your metal roof appears to have shifted, make sure to identify the issue first.

    What Questions Should I Ask a Roofer in the Initial Screening Process?

    Here are a few basic things to establish when narrowing down on the contractors you are considering. Put off requesting quotes or inspections until you only have two or three candidates.

    1. Do you have all appropriate licenses and insurance?
    2. How long have you been repairing roofs and how well experienced are you with the specific roofing material I picked out? Most used materials include metal and asphalt shingles, but there are many types of each. Some of the materials require the specialist to be additionally trained how to handle and install them.
    3. How well do you know my roof’s architectural style? Different styles include gambrel, flat, A-frame, saltbox, or butterfly roofs and you want to make sure the contractor can handle the specific style your roof. You can also let them know how many stories your building has and how easy or difficult the access to the roof might be.
    4. Do you offer a warranty on the repairs? This is an important point to ask about, as you want the contractor to guarantee good quality of their service.
    5. Can you send me a detailed quote in writing? This will make it easy for you see exactly what each contractor is going to include in your repair project so that you can compare which offer suits your needs better.

    How Do I Choose a Roofing Contractor in Austin?

    Now that you’ve spoken to a couple experts and narrowed your options down to a couple roofing contractor companies, you proceed and request an inspection with a quote from each contractor. CCR-roofing in Austin won’t charge you for this service. In the inspection process these are the things you need learn from your potential contractor:

    • When would the contractor start working on the project and when they would complete it. Remember, that the dates will be approximate, as the weather has to be taken into consideration as well.
    • Will the contractor need to remove bits of the existing roof and if yes, who is responsible for the dumpster and any paying for disposing of the garbage such as old materials?
    • Ask the company to provide you with references for projects similar to yours in scope, material, and complexity.
    • What is the payment process like? Most trusted companies will ask for a deposit, not exceeding 10% of the total quote. If a contractor requests the full payment in advance, it is not a good sign.
    • Ask them to tell you about the advantages of the underlayment, flashings, roof covering, or other materials that your roof might need. Your contractor should be able to justify his choices of materials.
    • Ask your contractor if the roofers working on your home are the company’s employees or subcontractors. Roofers that are long term employees of the company are more likely to be experienced and better trained.

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    With CCR-roofing in Austin, your roof replacement or repair project will have a dedicated project manager from start to finish. We will assign an expert in your specific roofing system for you. The specialist will be present on site and on roof throughout the process to ensure the job is done to manufacturer’s specifications and local building codes.

    If your roof need a repair or a replacement, or if you’re purchasing a new home and need a professional to assess your new roof’s condition, or perhaps you’re having trouble dealing with your insurance company, give the roofing experts at CCR a call at 512-428-5674 or visit