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    We all know what a hail storm can sound like upon a roof. What most homeowners can fail to recognize is how hail damage can look upon your roof.

    Depending on the type of roof you may have, hail damage can look different. In other words, not all hail damage is the same. The severity of a hail storm can impact the size and scope of damage to your roof.

    Upon impact to your roof, hail can leave random damage with hits that may look dark or black in color. This is a direct result of loss of granules, which expose the roofing felt underneath. The roof may have soft indentations that can appear shiny.

    Here are a few tips on what you can do if you suspect your home may have damage:

    • Always report hail damage to your insurance as soon as possible.

    • Once informed, your insurance will provide claim forms to have a record of damage. Fill out all forms and return to them as soon as possible.

    • Make a list of any damages initially encountered. This may include any exterior furnishings, appliances, electronics or storage areas.

    • Your insurance company should send out an adjuster to meet with you. Be prepared to a provide a general description of the damage, and the claim number or policy number.

    • Once your adjuster comes out they should provide you with an itemized estimate. The estimate should have written and proposed pricing and estimated costs.

    • Choose a licensed and bonded contractor to handle your roof repairs.

    A hail storm can be stressful enough. Avoid unnecessary stress by hiring only licensed and bonded roofing contractors.

    Contact CCR Roofing today to set up your free in home estimate. We are prepared to guide you and help you every step of the way!

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