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    How to Keep Your Gutters Leaf-Free and Protect Your Home from Water Damage -


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    Clogged gutters can be a big problem especially during the fall and winter season. It can lead to extensive pooling and ice dams that can damage your roof and walls, as well as your foundation. As a result, it is extremely important to take all the necessary measures to keep your gutters clean and leaf-free and avoid any unnecessary roof repair San Antonio roofers have to do.

    The first thing you have to do is actually get on a ladder and inspect your gutters to see if they are clogged or if there are any leaves, branches or other debris partially blocking the flow of water. You can then simply remove them by hand, or hire a cleaning company to get rid of them with special cleaning equipment.

    Of course, this will only solve part of the problem. Your gutters will get clogged again pretty soon, if you fail to take the necessary measures to prevent that outcome.

    First, inspect the trees that are closest to your home, and cut off the branches that get too close to the gutter system. That way, you can prevent the problem from reappearing that often.

    The other measure you can take is to install a brand new set of gutter guards designed to keep all larger debris away from your gutter system. This simple installation is pretty cheap, and it will not only keep the water flowing more freely, but also increase the life span of your gutter system to a significant extent.

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