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    How to Keep Your Roof Free of Debris in the Spring -


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    The wintertime might be considered somewhat peaceful, since there aren’t many animals and pests around to make your life difficult. However, once spring arrives and all the migrating birds and hibernating animals start coming back, your roof might become a veritable hub of activity for a variety of pests that can bring a lot of debris along with them.

    Insect infestations are especially troublesome, and wood shake roofs are usually the main target. If you own a wooden roof, it’s important to take the necessary steps to check for bugs, and pay special attention to termites and other wood-dwelling insects that can cause a lot of damage over time.

    Birds, squirrels and other larger animals can also form their nests on top of your roof and use the small cracks in your roof and walls as shelter. In such cases, it’s important to find humane ways of relocating the animals and to remove the debris left by the nests, and suggested that you frequently have roofers in Austin conduct an inspection of your roof.

    Finally, debris can easily have come from nearby branches being torn by winter storms or by birds and animals that use the trees close to your home as their homes. So make sure you check for small pieces of wood and remove it from your roof and gutters. Left there, they can impede the flow of rainwater, which can lead to some serious water damage as time goes by.