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    How to Keep Your Roof in Great Condition When Decorating for the Holidays -


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    Roof In Great Condition Roofer Hanging Lights

    The holiday season goes hand in hand with spectacular exterior decorations, most of which have colorful lights and feature large ornaments. If you want to make sure that your decorations will not only turn heads, but they are safe for your roof as well, here is how to install them in a way that does not harm the topmost structure of your building:

    • Check the materials you want to install – climbing to the roof with all your decorations and finding out that they are not functional only when you are already up there is more than annoying, so the best way to avoid that is to perform a thorough check of the lights and ornaments while they are still on the ground;
    • Only install lights that are suitable for outdoor usage – indoor lights can cause dangerous situations, such as fires and short circuits when installed outside, so make sure that your lights are suitable for outdoor installation;
    • Clean the roof – or have roofer San Antonio clean any debris, dirt and vegetation in the area of installation is a potential source of trouble, so make sure that the area of installation is completely free from any deposits;
    • Use suitable fasteners – you need special fasteners developed for being used on roofs. These fixing elements fasten the decoration safely and they don’t harm the roof when you want to remove them.