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    Roofs are the topmost layers of protection between the interior of the building and the elements, the layer that is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of the weather, so a building is only as strong as the roof on top of it. Even though we do not check our roofs every day to see how it is doing, there are numerous signs that tell you the roof needs some professional care and attention:

    – Buckling or curling shingles – a problem that in most cases can be detected only during a careful inspection, but one that needs immediate action.

    – Loose granules – another problem of shingle roofs that is not visible from down below, but needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

    – Leaks – whatever your roof type, if damp spots or patches appear on the ceilings of your rooms, you need to take action immediately. Have a number ready for one of the best San Antonio roofing companies at your fingertips.

    – Shingle or tile pieces or even complete shingles or tiles in the gutter or on the ground – if components of the roofing start falling off, it is a sign that the roof needs repair.

    – Discolored patches – if you see discolored patches on your roof, it is a sign that the covering material has been infested with algae or fungus that needs to be removed as soon as possible.

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