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    Having problems with your roof is stressful enough, so most people are not really prepared for navigating the insurance claim process, especially if it is the first time they are in such situation. However, it is important to make sure your insurance claim is done right, to receive proper coverage for your damaged roof.

    What you must do

    Start by looking for roof damage immediately after a natural disaster. Do not do it by yourself, because some problems may not be visible to untrained eyes; call a local licensed contractor  to inspect your roof and give you a written report.

    What you can do on your own is documenting the roof damage. Do it often, by taking photos and videos of your roof, to be able to prove its overall condition at any time. This will surely help your claim process go faster.

    It is particularly important to call a roofing company like before calling your insurer, because no matter how friendly and helpful the adjuster may be, they represent your insurer, not you, so you need someone by your side. A professional roofing company has the right expertise to assess the condition of your roof correctly, which will be in your best interest. Alternatively, you can hire a public adjuster, who will work for you and represent you in the insurance claim process.