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    CCR roofing How to pick roof color

    Choosing a roof and its color is a difficult process for some, but is should not be this way, thanks to the options available on the market today. However, it is important not to get lost in the many possibilities, because the color greatly influences the appearance of your home. This is a small guide, with practical and aesthetic tips you should keep in mind when you pick the right shingle color.

    The style of your house

    When choosing the color of your roof, you must take into account the other elements of the exterior design (walls, doors, windows, landscape).

    Matching exterior colors

    Choosing a roof color of that contrasts with the color of the house will immediately highlight the entire building. On the other hand, opting for complementary colors will contribute to a classic look.

    Trends in your neighborhood

    It is natural that owners want their homes to reflect their personal tastes. However, when deciding on the color of your roof, it is important to also take into account the aesthetic rules of your neighborhood. Don`t worry, you can still express your personality, even if you do not break the local aesthetic common sense rules.

    Energy efficiency

    We would all like to receive lower monthly bills and save money. The good news is that the color you choose for your roof plays a major role in making your home more energy efficient. Light colors reflect the heat of the sun and are recommended in areas with a sunny and warm climate. On the other hand, dark colored roofs absorb the heat and are recommended in colder regions.  Talk with professionals at CCR Roofing of Austin to find out what products and color choices they offer.