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    Just like every part of your house, your roof needs to be cleaned every once in a while. Since spring is the season of general cleaning and sprucing up your home, you should also include the roof in your plans.

    Roofs are not easy to clean and require special care as those experienced with roofing Austin homes will tell you. With these simple tips, you will be able to do a proper job:

    1. Use the Garden Hose with an Attached Sprayer

    Although it may seem faster and simpler to clean the roof using a pressure washer, it can dislodge the shingles and do more harm than good. Keep water pressure at regular garden watering level and work leisurely around the roof without keeping the water jet on the same spot for too long.

    2. Choose a Cloudy Day for Roof Cleaning

    Roof cleaning solutions contain bleaches that need time to work and clean the roof of hardened dirt. On a sunny day, the cleaning solution will evaporate fast, before it manages to clean the roof properly.

    3. Don’t Wait Until Moss and Lichen Grows on the Roof

    Living organisms tend to grow roots and leave their spores all around the roof. Moss and lichen are renowned for the speed with which they spread wherever they find a propitious environment. Clean your roof as soon as you see small patches of vegetation on it.