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    Wildfires destroy large natural and living areas every year, threatening lives and devastating homes. One of the housing components that is the most exposed to any kind of extreme weather event and to calamities, including fires is the roof, so if you want to make sure that your home is safe, you need to protect your roof. Here is how:

    – Risk assessment – in terms of fire resistance, roofing materials are categorized into class A, B and C and there are some materials that are unrated. Class A materials provide the highest level of protection against fires, while unrated materials are the most vulnerable. The first thing to do when determining the best protection method is to check the fire resistance rating of your current roof;

    – Apply fire resistant coating – these special coating products will prolong the time your roof will be able to resist open fires. Make sure you choose a coating that is suitable for your type of roof – if your roofing is covered in some sort of unrated material, choose a very resistant product and apply it regularly, the metal roofing San Antonio offers is a good choice;

    – Consider roof replacement – if you live in a fire-prone area, but your roof is covered in unrated, easily flammable material, the best and safest solution might be to replace it with a fire-resistant material, such as metal, clay or concrete.

    Source: Live Site