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    roofer San Antonio shows How To Recognize Problems

    While severe roof damage, such as sagging, collapse or missing covering elements are easy to recognize, roofing systems have many other, more subtle ways to signal the existence of a problem and need the services of a roofer San Antonio area. Here are some that you should pay attention to:

    -Shingle granules in the gutters and on the ground around the building – asphalt shingles are covered in a layer of surface granules that serve the purpose of protecting the shingle mat from the elements. Very severe weather can remove those granules from the surface, causing irreparable damage by exposing the shingle mat and requiring quick replacement;

    -Damaged flashing – flashing consists of stripes of material, usually some type of synthetic material or metal, installed around roof openings and in roof valleys to strengthen the roof where its continuity is broken. Flashing stripes are vulnerable to harsh weather and if they crack or get unfastened, water can penetrate the roof structure causing leaks to appear;

    -Discolorations on the roof – these issues are usually caused by infestations with fungus, algae or by moss growth. The problem is usually easy to correct, the roof needs to be cleaned, then treated with a protective coating to prevent the issue from coming back.