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    Spring is the season for general cleaning and many homeowners decide to go up on the roof and see how it fared over the winter. There is also some work to do while up there: cleaning gutters, removing moss patches and dry leaves, checking the integrity of tiles, etc.

    Here are a few simple tips to make sure you do not injure yourself while working on the roof:

    1. Have an Extension Ladder Close to You

    Never walk too far away from the extension ladder you used to climb on the roof. Whenever you have to move to a different section of the roof, ask one of the family members waiting at ground level to move the ladder close to you.

    2. Wear Sturdy Boots

    Mountain boots are the ideal choice of footwear for working on the roof. They have special soles that offer good grip on all sorts of surfaces, including on slopes. As an extra tip, look for boots with a steel toe. It will offer you an extra grip if you feel like slipping – the number one cause of accidents on the roof.

    3. Wear a Harness

    No mater how careful you are and how good your balance is, always wear a harness when working on the roof. It does not have to be something highly specialized an expensive – the type used by mountain climbers is quite sufficient to break a fall and keep you safe. Like any project that requires a ladder, if you don’t feel safe, call in roofers in San Antonio with safety skills and know what they are doing.