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    The principle role of roofs is to protect the building underneath against the elements. To be able to fulfill this essential role, roofs need to be strong and intact all over, even in the sensitive areas where two large parts of the roof are joined or around the vents, the skylights and the chimneys. To make sure that the roofs is weather-proof even where the structure is sensitive to the penetration of water, roofers experienced in roofing Austin homes use flashing, pieces of treated metal, such as galvanized steel or aluminum, of roof cement or of rubberized material to reinforce the roof.

    Flashing is made from very special, durable materials, but the intense and permanent exposure to the elements can damage it over time – here are a few signs that indicate failing roof flashing:

    – The flashing has pulled away from the roof surface and lets water to penetrate underneath;

    – The flashing is cracked or broken;

    – The flashing shows signs of rust or corrosion;

    – You notice wet spots or damp patches in the attic underneath the roof areas reinforced with flashing;

    – You notice damp spots or patches on the ceiling of the room that is underneath the roof area reinforced with flashing.

    Source: Live Site