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    Hail can cause a lot of damage to a roof, although, at first, this type of damage can be less obvious that you might expect. Actually, many people ignore it, considering it insignificant.

    This is a mistake. Hail damage is not only cosmetic. It is not bad only when it causes immediate and severe roof material damage; it often creates only some vulnerabilities, but they may turn into severe damage, should they are ignored long enough.

    Hail size, wind direction and speed, the materials your roof is made from are only some of the factors that dictate the severity of the damage.

    On the common asphalt shingles, hail damage often looks like punctures and bruises. Granule loss is another common damage, leaving the shingles exposed to the elements and accelerating their aging process. Cracks and damaged edges are commonly seen in ceramic and concrete tiles, while dents and scratches are often obvious on the surface of metal shingles.

    The best way to be sure about the condition of your roof after a hail storm is to bring in a roofing expert and allow it to make a thorough inspection. Experienced roofers at know exactly what to look for and you will get a report with all the problems they have identified.