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    Does your roof offer your house full protection or do you need to repair or replace it soon? Without being a specialist, you can perform a thorough check and determine how healthy the roof really is.

    Here is how to do it:

    On the Inside

    Go to the attic and check for signs of:

    • Sagging – this means that the roof tiles and the insulation underneath it are giving up under the accumulation of dirt or other foreign materials;
    • Dried water circles – these are sure signs of a leak caused by a crack in a roof;
    • Dark colored patches – these patches could be rot (on wood and other organic materials) or mold.

    On the Outside

    Properly equipped with a ladder and a harness, go up the roof and check:

    • The gutters – if they are clean, then rain water will drain quickly from the roof. To make sure, bring a bottle of water with you and pour a little down each gutter;
    • The shingles – are they smooth and firmly attached to the roofing system? Or are they spaced from one another, curled up or cracked?
    • The flashing – the flashing should create a watertight connection between the roof and the walls, the chimney (if you have one) and attic widows. If there is the smallest space there, you can be sure that rain water will find its way inside your home. Hire a roof repair specialist at