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    TX Roofer 2020 Winter Months

    The roof on your building is the component that is the most exposed to the elements. Your roof needs weather protection in any season, but winter stands out by being especially harsh on roofs, therefore the cold months require building owners to be even more active when it comes to weather-proofing tasks. Here are is what you need to do:

    – Clean the roof and the gutters before the first snow – any debris that accumulates on your roof and in your gutter pipes and downspouts will lock in moisture, weakening the roof underneath and preventing roof drainage, so winter is best welcomed with a clean roof;

    – Insulate – if you have no insulation in the attic or the insulation that you have is not adequate, it is not too late to insulate the area to make sure that the air that you heated to make your rooms comfortable will not escape. Attic insulation is also the best way to prevent ice damming, find a great Austin TX roofer to do the job;

    – Get a roof rake – too much snow on your roof is also harmful, so use your roof rake whenever you consider that the layer of snow on your roof is too thick. The rake is not very difficult to use and raking is the best way to ensure that your roof will not collapse under the weight of the snow.