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    How Your Roof Affects Your Utility Bill Living In San Antonio? -


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    Roofing Companies Roof Construction DesignOne of the factors that influence the interior comfort of a house is the air transfer. The air circulates through windows, doors, walls, floor and roof; if the building is not insulated properly, it will be more difficult to keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

    The roof is a large element of a building and it has a significant impact on your utility bill. But besides insulation, there are other things that can make a roof more or less energy efficient.

    The color of your roof

    Dark colors tend to absorb heat, while light colors are reflective. There are studies showing that plywood under dark roofs in is 10-15°F hotter than those under light colored roofs, so it is important to choose the color of the roof according to the particularities of the climate in your area and the amount of sun your roof receives in every season.

     The roofing materials

    The materials you choose for your roof also have a significant impact on its energy efficiency. For example, a metal roof is very reflective, while many other materials have a high rate of heat absorption.

    The construction of the roof and attic

    Roofing construction and attic ventilation are other key factors in keeping your indoor comfort. If the roof is properly designed by San Antonio roofing companies, and the attic has the adequate amount of insulation and ventilation, you will see the benefits in your utility bills.