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    How Your Roof Handles Hot Weather – Considering Getting a Cool Roof -


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    Roofers Explain How Hot Sun Affects Your Roof

    Do you think you might need a cool roof? Hot weather can really do a number on your roof, if you’ve had it for a longer time. Aside from the fact that it might end up discoloring your roofing shingles, it’s not uncommon for hot weather to accelerate the wear and tear that your roof might normally experience only after many years of protecting your home from the elements.


    The UV rays from the sun can cause real damage to your roof, not only in terms of making it lose its color over time, but also in terms of causing it to lose its resilience. Depending on the type of material you use, extreme heat and sunlight can often lead to structural damage that might be very difficult to fix.


    Metal roofs will usually be affected more by quick temperature drops and increases that can cause the metal panels or shingles to contract and expand when exposed to the temperature change. At the same time, asphalt shingles and wood shakes can also be affected by heat, especially if the roof is already old and has problems with ventilation.


    To prevent such issues, a thorough roof inspection by roofers in Austin, consistent roof maintenance and the possibility of getting a cool roof can be very important. Also, it might be a good idea to add roof coating that can protect your roof from the damage potentially caused by UV radiation.