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    Hurricane Harvey was a storm like none other. Spanning an area over the Coastal and South Texas region and into Louisiana, it unleashed catastrophic rain, winds, and flooding the likes most Texans have never seen. As the storm moved on, the rain began to settle in, causing even more damage. Rainfall totals were as much as 50 inches in some areas. With so much devastation it’s impossible to grapple with the damages and immediate consequences of such a storm.

    We know first hand the challenges that are faced when dealing with a storm of this magnitude. We’ve been in the Corpus Christi/Port Aransas/Rockport area since the storm hit and plan on staying in the area for a while. We are currently helping home and business owners mitigate and assess damages by tarping roofs and wrapping structures until insurance adjusters can determine the damages. If you have any family, friends or business associates that could use our services please let us know. We are happy to help where we are needed. Click our link below to reach us!

    Source: Live Site