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    Ideas for Improving Home Value: The Effect of Your Roof on Curb Appeal -


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    When you plan to sell your house, increasing home value can be very important. Even if your home is old and slightly broken down, you can still make it look and feel welcoming by transforming a few elements and making it a practical abode to live in. Aside from repairing everything and getting rid of any mold, mildew and damaged areas, it’s important to either get a new roof, repaint your old one, and/or have it properly repaired.


    A dependable, well-designed and aesthetically pleasing roof can have a remarkable effect on your home’s curb appeal, since the roof is one of the first elements that people will see. You’ll find that many visitors will look up without even wanting to and notice any broken shingles or discolorations that stick out like a sore thumb.


    The color and design of your roof will also stand out next to your home’s siding and the surrounding environment, including your landscaping elements such as trees, gardens and fountains.


    Also, make sure that you get a roof that looks (and actually is) robust and resilient. Many buyers will have already done their research on the types of roofs they want their homes to have, and for some, re-roofing for the sake of switching materials will simply not be a practical choice, even if the roof looks great overall and adds to the curb appeal of the house.  Make sure you roof has been inspected and repaired by prior to listing your home, that way you won’t discourage new buyers from the start.