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    Important Questions Roofers Experience

    Choosing the right roofing contractor is important for your safety, protection and budget. There are many roofers in Austin out there and some of them can even make your great offers, but it does not necessarily means that they are also your best choice.

    So, take your time, evaluate several different roofing contractors and, in the end, make an informed choice. Here are a few important questions to ask potential roofing contractors.

    Are you licensed in this state?

    Each state has different license requirements, so you should hire a roofer licensed in your state to avoid legal issues. Ask for a copy of the license or for its number, to be able to verify it on your state government website. Reliable contractors are always licensed and take pride in showing their credentials.

    Can I get some references?

    It is important to get some reliable references, because the feedback coming from past clients can often provide you valuable information on the company.

    Do you carry adequate insurance?

    You should not hire a roofer that cannot offer you evidence of having business liability insurance (which will protect you and your property from accidental damage during the roofing project) and workman’s compensation (which safeguards you against liability in the event of a workplace accident resulting in an injured worker on your property).