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    A new roof is certainly a significant investment, but it is definitely a great one – if you want to sell your home soon, the roof is an asset the price of which can be almost completely recovered from the selling price; if you are planning to stay in the home in the future, the money invested into the new roof will come back to you in other forms. Here is why a new roof is a great investment on any building:

    • Improved curb appeal – a building with a new roof on it is more attractive, more welcoming, for those living in it as well as for potential buyers;
    • Improved energy efficiency – a new roof forms a thermal barrier that is much more efficient that the barrier provided by a roof that is weak and old. The energy savings are considerable and noticeable right after the installation;
    • Improved air quality inside the home – a weak and leaky roof lets in moisture not only in the form of dripping water, but also in the form of moisture, but it might be the culprit for having mold and mildew inside the home as well. Replacing the old roof will instantly stop the penetration of excess moisture, making the home a healthier, more comfortable place.  Take a look at your options when it comes to metal roofing San Antonio offers, as well as basic roofing materials, to determine what works best for your situation.