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    A good roof withstands harsh weather conditions and, at the same time, it increases the energy efficiency and the curb appeal of the building it protects. Concrete roofs offer these benefits, being among the most durable roofing options recommended by Austin roofing experts, which fit very well in Austin`s climate and urban environment.

    The first advantage of a concrete roof is the waterproofness, the concrete having a high density that does not allow rainwater to penetrate the pores of the tiles. Moreover, the high density provides frost-thaw resistance and, at the same time, increases the service life of the roof (a concrete roof can last for 100 years, if properly maintained).

    If you choose a concrete roof, you will also get increased protection against weathering. In the process of staining concrete tiles, special surface protection is also added, which works against the formation of moss and against the effects of pollution. Basically, by adding some substances to the concrete mass, both the protection of the color and its stability over time are ensured, as well as resistance to various weathering.

    Finally, an essential advantage is the high mechanical strength. Concrete tiles do not break as a result of a large amount of snow or ice, or as a result of circulation on their surface. At the same time, the weight and structure of concrete tiles provide resistance against storms and determine an excellent thermal and sound insulation. For roofing structure and weight capacity look to a professional roofing company for answers at