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    Is It More Expensive To Replace A Roof That Has Multiple Layers? -


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    Sometimes, when you install a new roof, you may have the choice between tear-off vs. overlay. This happens when you purchase a lightweight roofing option (e.g. metal roof), which can be installed over an existing roof, to save up some costs.

    However, if your roof already has multiple layers and it is not possible to install an additional one anymore, the existing layers must be removed before installing the new roof. In this case, you can expect to pay more money for the tear-off, because the prep for the new roof installation will be more difficult and time-consuming. Depending on the number of layers that must be removed, the materials they are made from and the size of the roof, this operation can add up a few thousand dollars to your roofing project.

    However, there are many pros related to a complete tear-off. The roofers in Austin Texas specialists will be able to check your roof structure and get a clear look of its condition, which is very important, considering that the integrity and stability of the roof depends on its structure. If necessary, the structure can be replaced, or reinforced, so you will get peace of mind that your new roof will be perfect.

    A brand new tear-off roof also increases the value of your home and will last longer than an overlay.