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    Is My Roof Energy Efficient? / Signs that Tell You It Is not -


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    Energy-efficient roofing can provide the thermal protection that you need in your home in winter as well as in summer and it can significantly lower your energy bills as well. If your roof looks good, but you are not sure whether it is energy-efficient indeed, here are a few signs that tell you your roof does not provide suitable protection for your home:

    – High energy bills – paying too much on heating and cooling your home even though the walls are insulated and appliances in your home are modern and don’t consume too much is a sign than there is too much thermal exchange between the home interior and the exterior and the most probable place where the thermal exchange takes place is through the roof, experienced roofers in Austin can upgrade insulation to help eliminate the loss of energy;

    – Ice dams in winter – if you see long icicles on the edge of your gutters in winter, it is a clear sign that your roof is not energy-efficient. Ice dams appear when the heat escaping from your rooms melt the snow on the roof that does not insulate the home properly. The melted snow rolls down the roof surface and cools down by the time it reaches the gutters, forming icicles;

    – It is too hot in the house in summer and too cold in winter, even though you have proper insulation on the walls and good windows and doors.

    Source: Live Site