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    Is the Warranty Worth It? When to Buy a Warranty on Your New Roof and What to Look Out For -


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    If you decide to invest into a new roof, the warranty is an important thing to pay attention to. Most roofing materials come with standard warranty certificates that usually provide coverage for any damage resulting from manufacturing defects in the product if it has been installed by a licensed roofer and reliable roofers also offer warranty on their labor. However, such standard roofing Austin coverage is usually not extended to natural disasters, so if a tree close to your roof falls on your roof during a storm, you will not be able to get a compensation based on the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Fortunately, the homeowners who want extra warranty coverage for the materials on their roof can have extended coverage, usually for an extra fee. Many roofing companies offer the option to have a 5-, 10- or 15-year warranty on their workmanship and extended manufacturer’s warranties that provide coverage for certain types of roof damage, other than the issues caused by manufacturing defects, is also available for a fee.

    To decide whether you need extended warranties, you should first of all read the text on the standard warranty, then identify the potential risks that you need coverage for. If you need more information to make the decision to buy or not to buy extra warranty for your new roof, you can also discuss the issue with your roofer.