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    The roof is the topmost layer on any building, the layer that protects the building against the elements, which also means that reinforcing the roof with proper weather-proofing is essential for maximizing the performance and the efficiency of the protection offered by the roof. Weather-proofing the roof improves the home’s energy-efficiency as well – if the roof does not allow the heat to escape from the home in winter and it prevents the heat from getting into the house in summer, you will not only enjoy a more comfortable home, but you will also pay less on heating and cooling bills.

    Here are some of the best ways to improve your roof’s weather resistance:

    – Improve your roof’s overall resistance to water – the easiest way to waterproof your roof is to have roofers in Austin Texas install a layer of water repellent material, such as reflective foil laminate, underneath the topmost layer of the roof. It will prevent water from penetrating into your attic, even if your roof gets a small leak,

    – Improve the resistance of sensitive parts – the parts where two structural parts of the roof meet and the areas around the chimneys, skylights and vents are more sensitive to weather damage, that’s why these roof components are protected with flashing. To make sure these sensitive parts are strong enough to protect your home against any weather, inspect them regularly and address any issues, such as cracks or dents immediately.

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