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    It may sound strange, but roof replacement is best done in winter – here is why:

    • More roofers are available – the peak period of roof work is from spring to fall, which also means that in winter, roofers experienced with roofing Austin homes are not that much in a hurry and have more time to accommodate your roof replacement project;
    • Prices are lower – most roofers are willing to offer discounts on their labor fees when they don’t have much work to do. Material prices might also be lower during off peak periods, so the best time to start shopping for your roofing materials is at the end of fall.

    There is one caveat, though, that you should be aware of: some roofing materials, such as clay or metal, can be installed regardless of the outdoor temperature, but most asphalt roofs need thermal sealing and/or hammering which need to be done when the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, ideally in the 40-85 degrees range. Any installation work done on asphalt under that temperature range might lead to damage sustained by the roofing material – the material can become brittle when it is too cold, which might lead to the appearance of cracks, removed surface granules and other deteriorations.