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    Keep Your Roof Safe This Summer: Important Points to Remember -


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    This summer it’s all about proper roof maintenance and preventing the severe roofing damage that has caused you to be forced to spend a lot of money on repairs in the past. The following recommendations are given by roofing experts to help you prepare for the worst, and prevent it from happening before any damage occurs:

    · The first thing to do is to take measures to protect your roof and home against the heat of summer. Depending on your budget, this can mean anything from installing additional attic insulation to giving your roof a brand new coat or even replacing your shingles with cool roof shingles.

    · Take care to keep pests at bay this summer. Animals constantly search for places to prepare their nests, find food and locate hidden shelter, and your roof usually stands between them and their goals. Take measures to check on your roof, fix any holes, tend to any insect problems and relocate any nests that may have been built on your roof or chimney.

    · Make sure your roof and gutters are completely debris-free. Branches, leaves and other debris might find their way to your roof or gutters, causing anything from pooling to extensive water damage after severe storms.

    · Finally, make sure that the flashing is properly in place and there are no leaks. Summer storms can be sudden and severe, and in some cases, the combination between high volumes of rainfall and a leaky roof can spell disaster for your attic, walls and ceilings.


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    Source: Live Site