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    The world is changing constantly and at an astonishing speed. Who would have believed, 10 years ago, that today we will have this level of access to information via our smart phones and tablets? These changes will become even more dramatic with the technological advance and are expected to keep changing our way of life.

    The construction industry in Texas will keep up with these technological advances, and current trends will be developed in the next decade. They include:

    · The growth of some specific sectors within the construction industry: office, warehouse, retail, residential and modular construction, the demand for metal roofing San Antonio buildings will increase.

    · The development of lodging. Hotels and motels are on the rise and will continue to have strong years, if the economy stays strong as well

    · Construction technologies will improve. Drones will be more and more used to capture projects` progress and other data, 3D modeling already evolved into 6D and will be taken even further, helping building owners and construction companies to save money and time

    · Job site safety will improve due to the development of better qualification programs and safety practices

    · The Internet of Things is expected to become more and more popular and revolutionize many industries, with construction equipment offering instant communication with the updates and less downtime for companies.

    Source: Live Site