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    Choosing the right material for the roof of your home is an important decision. A roof that is not manufactured and/or installed properly will eventually cause damage to the house, up to its complete degradation. Instead, a well-designed and installed roof can provide value and personality to your home for many decades.

    Slate roofs are often seen on luxury homes. Although this type of roof is an expensive choice, the natural look, durability and variety of types of models make this natural stone an unmatched roofing option.

    Despite the fact that it lasts a very long time, the slate roof can break very easily under the weight of a person, or due to installation errors (slate is fixed in nails – an efficient but very demanding technique).

    Therefore, such a roof should be installed only by skilled and experienced roofers.

    To ensure that the San Antonio roofing company you want to hire is specialized in slate roofs, you should not only rely on the word of the representative you are talking to, but you should ask for the company’s portfolio, as well as for a list of references. This way, you can see the work that the roofing company has already done and you can contact past clients to get more details about their slate roofing projects and their collaboration with the roofing contractor you are also interested in.  For some of the best in roofing see