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    Planned Maintenance Roofing Austin Homes Spring Time

    When winter is over and all the snow is gone, most homeowners start the spring maintenance around their home. The process must include the roof, the gutters and the landscape, too – here are some important tasks:

    -Roof cleaning and inspection – winters leave behind lots of debris that needs to be removed from the roof surface. Careful inspection by CCR Roofing in Austin is also essential – the roof needs to be checked inch by inch to reveal any damage caused by cold weather and snow;

    -Gutter cleaning and inspection – proper drainage is essential for the health of your roof, so you need to remove any dirt and clogs from the gutters and the downspouts that surround your roof;

    -Timely repairs for detected faults – whatever fault is detected during the roof and gutter check, it needs to be repaired quickly to restore the strength of the roof and of the drainage system;

    -Maintenance for your trees – if you have large, old trees around the house, it is very important to check them, too. Winter weather can cause old branches to weaken or to die and such weakened limbs can be easily torn off and dropped onto the roof surface by a storm or by strong winds.