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    Durable Roofing Materials Roofers In Austin Use

    The materials used in the construction of different parts of the roof are essential both for its resistance and for obtaining a pleasant overall aspect. Having different properties, advantages and disadvantages that are difficult to ignore, it is very difficult not easy for homeowners to choose one material or another.

    Here are our suggestions when it comes to most sustainable roofing materials for severe thunderstorms.

    1. Metal tiles

    One of the best materials for roof covers is metal. Metal tiles can last up to 50-60 years, can be found in a wide range of colors and shapes, and the installation is easy. Also, they have great weather resistance and high durability, as well as low weight –about 5kg / sq. m, so their value is excellent.

    1. Ceramic tiles

    Available in different shapes and colors, ceramic tiles offer very good thermal protection and sound insulation. High-quality products also maintain their colors over the time. One of the most important advantages provided by the installation of a ceramic roof is the excellent ventilation of the upper structure of the house.

    1. Slate

    Slate is a heavy and extremely durable material, which has the ability to withstand even the most severe thunderstorms. Being a rigid material, the wind cannot get underneath it too easily. Slate is also extremely fire resistant.  The roofers in Austin work with a variety of roofing materials, so before you decide which product to use on your home, contact the local professionals for advice.