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    Roofing shingles are among the most popular roofing materials used throughout the country. Like any construction material, shingle designs are also influenced by trends and new ideas keep emerging all the time – here are some that you should pay attention to these days:

    Light-colored roof coatings – coating products are paint-like products used to enhance specific qualities of existing roofs, such as reflectivity and water resistance. One of the trendiest solutions is to treat existing shingle roofs with light-colored coatings to decrease the amount of heat that the roof absorbs, thus preventing heat damage;

    Impact resistant shingles – with devastating storms becoming increasingly frequent, impact resistant shingle varieties are becoming increasingly sought for, too. These special shingles are extensively tested in laboratories and receive the impact resistant rating only if they pass the special testing process;

    Shingles made from natural materials or shingles that imitate natural materials – slate and cedar shake shingles are very popular these days in Austin roofing projects, even though they are quite expensive. Fortunately, the attractive, natural looks is not out of reach for homeowners on a tighter budget either – there are many shingle varieties made from synthetic materials that resemble the natural colors and the attractive graining of wood and slate.